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5 Types of Shower Heads for a Luxurious Experience

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To many homeowners, the shower is a special place for beginning and ending one’s day. It is a refreshing hub in the morning and a sanctuary in the evening—perfect for washing away the worries of a long day. This is why investing in a luxury shower head is usually included in every homeowner’s wishlist

In this article, we talk about the different types of shower heads and mounts that will upgrade your bathroom experience. We’ll also go into the specific features that set apart the best shower heads from the rest. 

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 A gold-coloured handheld shower head which is one of the best types of shower heads

Types of Shower Head Mounts 

Wall-Mounted Shower

As the name suggests, these showers are affixed to the wall of the bathroom. This configuration works with all types of shower heads. That’s why it’s the most common way that shower heads are mounted. 

However, one of the main disadvantages of this setup is that the shower head is typically not very high, especially in bathrooms with average ceiling heights. In most cases, the shower head is also close to the wall, and the water comes out at an angle. 

Ceiling-Mounted Shower

This type of mount lowers the showerhead from your ceiling. Water falls vertically, offering more freedom of movement. This is the configuration of choice for waterfall shower heads. Because this option offers better height and versatility, it is considered a luxurious shower configuration.

On the other hand, one disadvantage of this shower configuration is that it requires more extensive plumbing work, therefore making it cost more. 

Wall-Mounted Shower with a Slider Bar

This configuration is like a mix of the two previously mentioned. In this setup, a bar is affixed to the wall, but it can be adjusted in such a way that the shower head is higher than the usual wall-mounted shower configuration. This is most commonly paired with handheld shower heads.  

A handheld shower with a slider bar, which is often considered one of the best shower heads

Types of Shower Heads 

1. Standard Fixed Shower Head

The standard fixed shower head is the quintessential type. It is typically installed into the wall and shoots water out at an angle. Though this shower head is not usually associated with luxury, some models come with features that make up for this shower head’s simple appearance (e.g. LED light, plungers for creating high pressure, and so on).

2. Hand-Held Shower Head

Hand-held shower heads are one of the most versatile types of shower heads on the market. They can be mounted on the wall or on an adjustable slider bar. You can also take them out of their mount and use them for a closer rinse. Because of this, handheld shower heads are perfect for seated showering. This is also the best type of shower head to use for bathing dogs inside a bathtub.  

To top it all off, there are many variants of handheld shower heads on the market, boasting a wide array of looks and features. You’ll have plenty to choose from! 

3. Dual Shower Head

A dual shower head combines the stability of a fixed shower head with the versatility of a handheld one. Though these are typically more expensive than the other types of shower heads mentioned above, the functions make up for the cost. Some dual shower heads on the market can be turned on simultaneously while some only allow the user to turn on one shower head at a time. Make sure to check these features when shopping! 

As you may have guessed, dual shower heads in and of themselves are considered a luxurious option—any added features just boost that even further.  

4. Waterfall (Rain) Shower Head

If you’ve ever wanted to shower under the rain or beneath a gentle waterfall, then this shower head type is for you. Waterfall (or rain) shower heads are typically square or round. The shower head itself is bigger than other shower head types, which facilitates a large downpour of water. 

These shower heads are perfect for being mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Either way, they come with a shower arm that allows the shower head to be completely parallel to the ground, which means that water comes out vertically instead of at an angle. 

Waterfall shower heads are considered luxurious options and any additional features will elevate the experience even further. However, one thing to note is that some models have poor water efficiency.  

5. Shower Panels

Finally, we come to the most luxurious shower head of them all: the shower panel. A shower panel consists of a large, flat-panel with multiple shower heads and body sprayers built into it or protruding from it. Some models also have a tub spout. 

Typically, only some shower heads can be used at a time. Still, this is the type of shower head that screams “luxury.” Not only do you have a myriad of shower heads and body sprayers/massagers, but you also get a futuristic-looking unit.

A shower panel which is considered one of the best shower heads for a luxurious experience

What Are Some Popular Added Features for Shower Heads?

If you’re looking for the absolute best shower heads on the market, it’s not enough to know about shower head types. Look for the following additional features that set apart the best shower heads from the rest: 

  • A massage function for de-stressing;
  • Filters that can help remove water impurities;
  • LED lights to jazz up your shower experience; and
  • High-pressure showers that boost your current water pressure with plungers. 

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