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6 Common Spring Plumbing Problems and Solutions

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With pleasant weather and pretty flowers, the arrival of spring brings joy to many. However, it can also spell trouble from a plumbing perspective. 

Having been in the plumbing business for many years, PlumbWize has seen every unique plumbing issue for each season. In this article, we discuss the potential causes and practical solutions to the most common spring plumbing problems our clients deal with:

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1. Leaking Pipes

Water damage, such as peeling paint or warping wood, on your floors or drywall is likely caused by leaky pipes that have cracked or burst during winter. Spring plumbing problems are usually the aftermath of winter on pipes and appliances. This one ties in with the winter plumbing problem of frozen pipes. When the water in the pipes freeze, it expands and increases the water pressure, making the pipe contract and crack or burst eventually. Older pipes and outdoor plumbing are particularly prone to this. 

Leaks from cracked or burst pipes can go undetected for a while, especially if it is inside the wall. In cold weather, when there’s no water coming out and low water pressure, it’s a clear indication that there may be a leak. The problem becomes more obvious in spring when the temperature rises and the water suddenly thaws. Watch out for dripping or standing water, musty smell, or stains in the wall of the affected area.

Leaking pipes require urgent action to prevent costly water damage. The best way to address this is to remove the damaged pipe and replace it as soon as possible. With the help of a professional plumber from PlumbWize, you can get cracked or broken pipes replaced quickly and effectively. Even if the leaky pipe is under drywall, our team can do skillful pipe replacements and repairs hassle-free. 

2. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another spring plumbing problem our clients call us for help. There are many plausible reasons as to why this usually happens. Aside from a potential leak in the pipes, low water pressure can also be linked to the pipe’s age, corrosion, and/or mineral deposits from hard water. It’s also possible that your neighbourhood is having a widespread water supply issue or your shutoff valve isn’t open at its fullest, which can happen if you turned it off while you were on vacation. 

The first thing to do is to ask your neighbours if they are all experiencing low water pressure. It’s likely a problem with your water supplier. If this isn’t the cause, try checking if you have the main water valve to your home open all the way. If you’ve done all of these and the problem persists, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. 

PlumbWize plumbing pros can pinpoint the exact reason behind your home’s low water pressure and promptly fix it for you before it escalates any further (i.e. extensive water damage or flooding).  

3. Damaged Outdoor Plumbing

If you didn’t winterize your outdoor plumbing, burst outdoor pipes and cracked hose bibs are probably in your future come springtime. Other than puddles and dripping water, a sudden and unexplainable increase in your water bill is a telltale sign of this common plumbing issue.

If you are experiencing a pipe leak from a damaged outdoor pipe, make sure to shut off the water supply for that pipe immediately. Call a professional plumber as soon as possible to assess the property for more serious plumbing problems. 

An outdoor tap with water leaking

4. Clogged Drains

So far, we’ve talked about spring plumbing problems due to winter’s harsh temperatures. 

However, the case of clogged drains is different. The most common cause of clogged drains is the overload of grease and food particles after holiday festivities. If you have young children at home, it’s also a possibility that a small toy has gotten lodged in your drain. We’ve seen it all and this does happen. 

We advise all homeowners to refrain from using commercial drain cleaners, which can only cause further damage to your pipes. This DIY solution is not even 100% effective, especially for stubborn, solid, or deeper clogs. 

Only professional plumbers, like us here at PlumbWize, can remove all kinds of drain clogs—no matter how stubborn—with our state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested techniques. Plus, we can professionally clean your drains and get them working like brand new!

5. Sump Pump Malfunctions

Sump pump malfunctions are usually a result of poor maintenance. These mechanical devices are prone to become faulty over time, especially if they are cheap, inappropriately installed, or not properly maintained. 

This can become highly problematic during the spring season. As the temperature warms up, snow melts along with any frozen groundwater, filling up your sump pit. Without a well-functioning sump pump, you won’t be able to expel the water out through the discharge line. When this happens, your sump pump can be overwhelmed or underperform, leaving you with a wet, or worse, flooded basement and expensive property damages.

To prevent any problems with your sump pump, make sure that it goes through the right care and maintenance. If you detect any problems, refrain from disassembling your sump pump for DIY solutions that might damage the unit (or void the warranty). Our sump pump pros here at PlumbWize can troubleshoot, repair, and replace your unit safely and effectively. 

6. Water Heater Malfunctions

Water heater issues can worsen to a noticeable extent during winter, towards its end, or at the start of springtime. During the winter months, your water heater works extra harder to keep the water warm and deliver your home’s increased need for hot water perhaps because you have guests over for the holidays or you’ve taken lots of warm baths. Whatever the case may be, if your water heater had any underlying problems before winter started, these will likely be aggravated by the extra workload. 

Just like with any appliance, your water heater should be properly maintained. Check its parts once in a while and make sure to drain sediments regularly. If you see any sign of a problem, however small it may seem, do not hesitate to call in the pros because timely repairs can save you a lot. 

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