07 December 5 Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

5 Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Updating your bathroom can quickly make your home feel brand new again.

Not only can it give your bathroom a new look and feel, it’s a chance to increase storage options, modernise, and add thousands of dollars to the worth of your home.

Many people can’t get overwhelmed when choosing a new bathroom vanity for their homes, You need to weigh your space, your budget, your personal aesthetic, and find a talented plumber in Hamilton to install it. You also want to stand out from the crowd!

We’ve put together a list of five unique bathroom vanity options that can suit any home.


Hamilton plumber installed floating vanity

One style of bathroom vanity that has gained popularity in recent years is the floating vanity.

This ultra-modern look gives the illusion of a vanity suspended in mid-air by attaching it directly to the wall. This style of vanity can create a sense of space and roominess, even in the smallest of spaces.

A floating vanity can also allow for better access to heating and cooling vents in the floor, allowing for more efficient home temperature regulation. You can also store things under the vanity which provides additional storage if you need it.

While floating vanities can make both grand and modest spaces appear larger, they really shine in smaller bathrooms where they can make the most impact. A tasteful floating bathroom vanity can make your micro-bathroom feel like a spa oasis in no time.

Vintage Vanity


Plumber in hamilton installed vintage bathroom vanity

The upcycling movement has been gaining steam for decades and these days, anything that is vintage is “in”.

This extends out of the fashion world and into home improvement as well, with vintage vanities being a very popular choice in many updated bathrooms.

A vintage vanity is repurposing any appropriate piece of vintage furniture, like a dressing table or side table, and turning it into a stylish bathroom piece. Simply remove the top of the table, replace it with a beautiful slab of marble or granite, have your local Hamilton plumber install a sink and you’ve got yourself a showstopper.

Vintage vanities can really pop when you contrast the stone to the wood, for example a mahogany dresser with a white marble top. This gives the eye some direction on where to focus and helps the vanity stand out from a usually otherwise white bathroom.

Wall to Wall Vanity


Wall to wall bathroom vanity installed by plumber in hamilton

Bigger is definitely better when it comes to our next unique bathroom vanity idea: wall to wall vanities.

The idea behind a wall to wall vanity is creating a vanity that stretches the entire length of the alcove in which it is placed. Obviously this will not be practical for some bathroom layouts, however, if you vanity is positioned between two parallel walls, it can create an inviting sense of luxury.

This can add a huge amount of counter space if you’re of those people who tends to have everything within arms reach when getting ready. It can also add a lot of storage space under the sink, with plenty of room for a couple to store all their essentials.

If you have a smaller space, a wall to wall bathroom vanity can maximise your available space and make your bathroom more functional with the extra storage. It can also add a sense of sophistication and opulence like you might find in a high end hotel. An instant classic!

Corner Vanity


Corner vanity in hamilton

This one is particularly useful for those of us with smaller than ideal bathroom spaces.

A corner vanity is a bathroom vanity built to fit snugly in a corner so that there is no wasted space behind it. By moving the vanity off a flat wall and into a corner, you’re freeing up a lot of space for moving around, or maybe a nice pot plant.

Corner vanities are also quite eye catching as they are relatively uncommon. A good quality corner vanity installed by a professional plumber in Hamilton can transform your tiny space into a luxurious place in a few minutes.

Contrasting Vanity


Hamilton plumber installed contrasting bathroom vanity

As mentioned above, contrasting colours is a fantastic way to add some design flair to any room and this holds true when it comes to bathroom vanities too.

Contrasting colours or shades adds visual dynamism to a space, making it look and feel more interesting and well put together. Having a dark base with a lighter top, or vice versa, can add an instant level of chic to a bathroom when done correctly.

Timelessly classic pairings would include mahogany and marble, white washed ash with a dark granite, or a dark oak with polished concrete. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from so you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

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