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The Effects of Heat on Plumbing

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You may be in your element during the summer season, but we bet that your plumbing system would beg to differ.

From expanding pipes to low water pressure, extreme heat usually equates to adverse effects on plumbing, and that spells surefire misadventures for your property in Southern Ontario. And unlike you with your sunglasses and a tall glass of iced tea, plumbing systems need a little extra TLC to stay cool for the summer.

Prevent summer plumbing bummers by keeping this guide handy once the temperatures rise.

Let’s take a plunge into the effects of extreme heat on plumbing!

The Common Effects of Heat on Plumbing

    1. Expanding Pipes

Pipe expansion is one of the most common summer plumbing woes. When a heat wave occurs, people can surf it by turning up the air conditioner, going for a swim, or indulging in ice cream. Pipes, on the other hand, just have to sit there and marinate in the heat waves. This applies to both visible and underground pipes.

In some instances, they may even reach their bursting point! The next scenario will likely entail a colossal mess, significant water wastage, and considerable property damage.

If you notice that the water is warm or lukewarm to the touch when you run the cold water, this could be associated with a leak. Another indicator of a pipe leak is a sudden increase in your water bill.

Given that most of these pipes are situated underground, you can’t just run outside to confirm your suspicions. So, your best defence against the wrath of pipe bursts is to schedule regular inspections with a trusted plumber who can check whether they are sufficiently insulated and placed deep enough into the ground to stay safe from extreme temperatures.

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    2. UV-Damaged Pipes

UV rays aren’t just harmful to your skin; they’re absolutely detrimental to your property’s pipes.

When the sun beats down on exposed pipes for years, you can expect it to culminate into weak and brittle pipes. Your nearest emergency plumber would most likely replace the pipes and fortify them with insulation material.

    3. Overgrown Tree Roots

Once the summer months come shining along, trees hit their peak growing season. Tree roots naturally grow toward water, and your home’s pipes are no exception. If tree roots penetrate the plumbing system—we’re not going to lie—that’s a big problem.

Results of tree root damage include severe backup and clogged drains. However, keep in mind that the only way to be certain is to have the situation evaluated by a professional.

    4. Clogged Toilets

Summer is in, and school is out. This means more family bonding moments, both at home and on vacation.

When more people are at home for prolonged periods of time, bathroom usage goes up. So whether your kids are spending more time at home or you’re having more guests over for cocktail parties by the pool or movie night in the guesthouse, you can’t deny the spike in plumbing traffic. Ultimately, this raises its susceptibility to clogs.

In order to keep toilet clogs at bay, it would be a good idea to instill a number of preventative measures. Hire a plumber to have your drains inspected and cleaned, and don’t forget to practice proper plumbing usage (yes, never flush unflushables!)

    5. Low Water Pressure

Rounding out our list of the effects of heat on plumbing, we have low water pressure. Summer is hot and water is cool, so this simple science explains the increased demand for some H2O. Combine this with scorching temperatures, and the pipes will undergo a certain degree of increased force.

As a result, water pressure may be reduced to a frustrating drip during peak hours of heat.

In more harsh conditions, low water pressure may even be a red flag for leaks somewhere in the plumbing system—the solution would be a pipe upgrade!

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Extreme Plumbing to Beat the Extreme Heat

Extreme heat and plumbing might be a disaster combo—but you and your home’s plumbing system will successfully combat the summer heat when you have Plumbwize by your side.

We understand that summertime calls for frequent dips in the pool, increased air conditioner use, amplified plant watering, and more dishwashing (you know, for all those ice cream cups, iced tea glasses, and metal straws that you’ll be using!) All these magnified activities put extra pressure on your plumbing system.

Let Plumbwize take care of your summer plumbing, so you can sit back and bask in the sunshine without a worry in the world.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment!


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