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How Rooter Services in Hamilton Can Help You

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While many people have probably heard of the term “rooter service” in Hamilton when it comes to plumbing, few people actually know what it means. The name comes from the problem this service was originally designed to address: blockages in sewers or plumbing lines due to damage caused by tree roots. Today, it can be used to treat a number of plumbing blockages including corrosion and debris buildup.

If you ignore problems with your home’s drains and sewer lines, or are not sure what symptoms to keep an eye out for, blockages can threaten its overall health and safety including mould growth. Keep reading to learn what rooter service in Hamilton is and what to look out for that will indicate when you need it.

Big tree roots rooter service Hamilton

What Is Rooter Service?

While large, decades-old trees can be beautiful fixtures in your landscaping, they can unknowingly cause extensive damage underground.

It is natural for tree roots to seek out a home’s plumbing system, as they are typically drawn to the warm water inside the pipes and related nutrient-rich vapours that are released into the surrounding soil. The tree roots sense the vapour escaping through a tiny crack in the pipe and then force their way through, continuing to grow once inside. Unsurprisingly, this can cause serious damage such as blockages and flooding in your yard as hairlike root systems overtake the pipe completely.

While older versions of the machine were strictly used with the intention of clearing tree roots, advancements in the technology’s design has led to its use on various other matter as well. The device also became the foundation for the plumber’s snake, a modern hand-cranked or motor-driven cable used to break up or pull up gathered material in pipes. As such, rooter service in Hamilton is now a generic term associated with various methods of drain cleaning or pipe repair, aimed at removing stubborn clogs.

How Rooter Service in Hamilton Works

The first rooter service machine was invented almost one hundred years ago in 1933 by Samuel Blanc, as a way to fix this problem and prevent its serious consequences from happening again. The first version was made using a washing machine motor and roller skate wheels in order to move a long steel cable through the underground pipes.

Like previously mentioned, although the original rooter machine design is no longer used today, its invention has led to the development of modern drain-cleaning tools and techniques. Today, rooter service is when a plumber comes to your home and uses a variety of different devices and methods in order to perform repairs on your pipes. Some of these methods include using tools to snake through your drains to unclog them, running pressured water through pipes to clear them of debris and even taking apart parts of your water pipe system to manually remove clogs. What method is used will depend on your system and the plumber.

Our rooter services in Hamilton can fix even the most stubborn clogs. If a rooter machine is used, here’s what you need to know about how it works. Moden rooter service machines feature a stiff yet flexible cable, attached to a reel that is turned by an electric motor. The cable is connected to a spring-loaded C-shaped blade that is inserted into a sewer cleanout access port. The cable is pushed several feet into the pipe before the rooter service machine is turned on. The electric motor spins the cable and blade, which cuts away at tree roots right down to the sewer pipe walls.

Yard flooding caused by tree roots

When You Need Rooter Service

When there’s a clog inside your home’s drains, it will usually only affect the appliance or fixture closet to its location. These kinds of clogs most often occur due to the buildup of organic debris like hair, food scraps and soap scum. To learn more, check out this list of other common causes of clogged drains. These kinds of clogs can be solved through rather simple methods.

Alternatively, larger clogs that are blocking your home’s sewer line will show themselves through different symptoms. This can show up as widespread drainage issues in multiple locations of your home, as well as backups in showers and tubs after your washing machine runs or a toilet is flushed. Severe cases will result in wastewater backups that cause flooding. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation as it can cause damage to your home as well as expose your family to untreated sewage. If you experience these symptoms, call a professional plumber in Hamilton right away.

Sewer clogs can be the result of not just tree roots invading and growing in the sewer lines, but also the buildup of debris or non-flushable items catching in the pipes. Rooter service is the general term used to describe the steps taken to fix these sewer clogs. However, tree roots can cause extensive damage as they continue to grow. The most effective way to preemptively keep tree roots away from your water lines is to know where your pipes are buried and be careful to avoid planting certain trees near them.

Rooter service is actually a vital part of property maintenance and care. If you don’t have rooter service in Hamilton done regularly on your home, even if you haven’t experienced any of the severe symptoms outlined above, you might need other types of plumbing repairs done more often.

Why Choose PlumbWize Hamilton?

There are some machine rental companies out there who will rent sewer cleaning machines to homeowners who are trying to save money on rooter services and solve their own waterline problems. However, operating these kinds of machines without proper training is dangerous and has led to serious injuries, and in the worst-case scenarios, death. Additionally, you may accidentally ruin your pipes if you’re not experienced with handling the equipment.

It’s vital that if you believe you require rooter services in Hamilton that you contact a professional plumber. To speak with a service representative at PlumbWize about rooter service in Hamilton, contact us today!


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