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The Importance of Rough In Plumbing for Custom Homes

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Rough-in plumbing is vital to all types of buildings, but this plumbing system composed of sewers, vents, connections, and water passages is particularly important for custom homes.

While your custom home is underway, read on to discover the extremely essential role that rough-in plumbing plays in tailor-made households.   

What is Rough-In Plumbing?

Before we begin with discussing the importance of rough-in plumbing for your home, let’s take a dip into the definition of rough-ins.

Rough-in plumbing includes the installation of sewers, vents, connections, and water passages. It’s basically the framework of the plumbing. This is different from the finishing phase, wherein plumbers complete installations to prepare the home for use.

Rough-in installations include the following:

  • Pipe routing via wall cavities;
  • Vent stack connections to the roof;
  • Pipe connections;
  • Drain lines and water supply lines linked to the main water supply valves, septic systems, or sewer systems; and
  • Excavation and installation of underground pipes.

Rough-In Plumbing for Custom Houses

Rough-in plumbing is a huge factor in the permit and inspection stages of your building.

Before any walls or ceilings get installed, you can expect a building inspector to pay the site a visit to either approve or disapprove the plumbing system. 

This turning point can either get you a passing grade so business can continue as usual or a failing mark. If it’s the latter, then the rough-ins need to be rectified before the construction can proceed.  

It’s a given that rough-in plumbing needs to be flawless in order to pass the inspection. To that effect, the most common problem that inspectors find is the integrity of the frames. When plumbers install a custom home’s rough-ins, they need to cut holes into the timber frames to run the pipes through them. In some instances, this can lead to severe problems with the frame’s integrity. This especially applies to cases when the holes are too big, made in the wrong areas, or made in excessive amounts. 

If the inspector detects a rough-in plumbing system that is below acceptable standards, the odds are that the construction will be put to a stop while the framework gets redone.

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Should I Get My Custom Home’s Rough-In Plumbing Done By a Professional Plumber?

While it may be quite tempting to take the DIY route, it is always best to seek the services of a professional plumber.

This is primarily due to the fact that custom homes tend to be more complicated as opposed to production houses. With regard to the latter, the rough-in installation is repetitive. On the other hand, custom homes are one of a kind, hence, they need more personalized rough-ins.

Working with a highly skilled professional plumber ensures that your rough-ins will be fixed with more reliable quality that you can trust.

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Smooth Rough-In Plumbing By the Pros

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