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Top 10 Bathroom Remodelling Tips

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If you could change anything about your bathroom right now, what would it be? Maybe you’d like a whirlpool tub here or a remote-controlled walk-in shower there. Maybe you want something simple like installing a bidet spray or an extra sink. Or perhaps you want to move your entire bathroom to another part of the house.

However small or big your goals are for bathroom renovations, you may find yourself not knowing where to begin. Luckily, we’ve compiled 10 bathroom remodelling tips for you to be able to remodel your bathroom without hassle. So let’s dive right in!

Find Your Why Then Dream From There

Bathroom renovations take time and money. It’s easy to get distracted by all the things you can change and add. You can maintain laser focus by first being clear about why you want this investment in the first place.

Are you dreaming of a more relaxing bathroom to unwind in after a long day? Do you just want an aesthetic change to match the renovations done on the rest of the house? Or maybe you just want a few extra accessories to make it easier to share the bathroom with the rest of the family?

After you have your “why statement,” dream and list possible solutions. Leave the budget and time for later. If anything gets confusing at this stage or further down the line, you can always refocus by knowing your “why”.

Refine Your Solutions and Aesthetics

Having a visual playbook of how you want your bathroom to be will save you from agonizing over little aesthetic decisions. If you’ve taken the time to do tip number 1, now it’s time to compile the visual representations and inspirations for your ideated solutions. You’d want to consider three main areas:

Fixtures and Their Types

If you want to add or change certain fixtures, make sure to be specific. What type of bathtub, showerhead, cabinet, or sink do you want? How will these fixtures work within the current bathroom area that you have?

The Layout of the Bathroom

Now that you know what fixtures to have and you’ve made sure that they fit in the area of your bathroom (unless you’d want to extend your bathroom), you can figure out which goes where. More than the aesthetic you’d want to arrange elements strategically according to their use.

The Colour Palette

You will find plenty of inspirations online. To get you started, you can check colour palettes for bathrooms on websites like Pinterest and HomeEdit. Consider the colour palette of the rest of your house so that the bathroom does not stick out. Make sure that your chosen fixtures also jive well with your chosen palette.

Consider Feasibility and Function

Unlike other home renovations that can easily be done with good old DIY, bathroom renovations are a little more delicate. This is mainly because fixtures like the sink, bathtub, shower, and etc. need to be connected to your water supply. You would want to know the extent of the changes that will be done to the pipes – because this will also affect the cost. This is where you bring in the experts. And if you’ve done tip number 1 and tip number 2, you will be able to effectively communicate your goals to your chosen expert/s.

Plumbing remodelling services can help you plan out and even cut down on the costs. They will also advise you if something can be done or if a workaround is needed – not to mention if your desired fixtures may be available at better prices! More importantly, these services can also help ensure that your plumbing system will function at its optimal level so you can avoid leaking, cracking, and expensive future repairs. Let’s face it. A bathroom is nothing if it doesn’t function right.

Timing Is Everything

Smaller installations may take only a few days or weeks but a full-scale renovation will take about 30-90 days. If you have plumbing remodelling experts on board, they can give you an accurate time frame of how long the project will take. You would need to communicate and plan with other bathroom users in the house regarding this time frame.

For the next tips, we will go into more considerations so you can further finetune your plans and avoid post-renovation regrets.

Ensure the Safety of All Bathroom Users

Slips and falls send thousands of Canadians to the hospital each year – and arguably, the bathroom is one of the worst places to experience this because of the hard surface, presence of fragile materials, and presence of sharp edges. This is avoidable with the right planning.

Anti-slip tiles or bathroom pads may be enough, but if someone in your household has limited mobility, this is another consideration. Would you need handrails, perhaps, or steps leading into the bathtub? Would you need to minimize the use of glass? And if you have a sunken bathtub, this can be difficult to spot if not set up correctly. These are just a few examples. Depending on your case, the list of considerations could be different.

Explore Customized Options

You may have particular preferences for your bathroom fixtures or you just want to save some extra space. Whatever the reason, you can look into customized options so you get exactly what you want. You can look into options like fixtures by UnikStone who can provide you with customized showers, baths, sinks, cabinets etc.

Look Into Space-Saving Hacks – Especially for Smaller Bathroom Spaces

One of the best ways to save space in your bathroom is by choosing the right sizes of fixtures you would add. Another handy tip is to have recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, toilet roll holders, ceiling light, and etc. Prioritizing what to add to your bathroom would also help you maintain enough free space to make the bathroom experience more pleasant. If all else fails, you can also extend your bathroom space with the help of plumbing remodelling services.

Consider Sustainability

Ready to take the extra step? Although utility bills for water may be relatively cheap for now, a few sustainability considerations can accumulate into big savings in the long run. Special bathroom fixtures can help you save water such as the following, just to name a few:

Create an Easy to Clean Bathroom Set Up

Irregular surfaces on your bathroom fixtures will mean that cleaning may take longer than on regular flat surfaces – unless of course, the irregular surface is that of your anti-slip tiles (in this case, the added safety makes the added cleaning worth it!) For example, some luxury showers have fixed or loose pebbles on the flooring. This may look and feel wonderful but this irregular surface poses an extra challenge to cleaning.

Furthermore, remember to install drains in proper places so that it prevents water from accumulating and muddying the floor. Come cleaning time, these drains would also help in rinsing. It’s a simple and useful addition that a lot of homeowners overlook.

soaking tub beside the garden window

A Few Fun Final Touches and Ideas

Undoubtedly, the bathroom is a special place of relaxation. So for this final tip, we’ll talk about a few extra things you can try in your bathroom renovation to upgrade your bathroom experience.

Shore Bathtub

At first glance, the Shore Bathtub would seem like a luxury hot tub exclusively for ocean-loving homeowners. But beyond this facade, it’s also a safer tub for people with limited mobility. Instead of climbing into this sinking tub, one can simply walk into it and go into the desired depth. If this tub is beyond your budget, you may want to take the idea of its gradually increasing depth into consideration for that added touch of combined luxury and safety. You may just find an artisan to replicate that concept for you in your own customized tub.


Plants add a level of sophistication and zen into almost any living space. But furthermore, special plants like the snake plant, peace lily, Boston fern, aloe, among others, can help eliminate odours and chemicals in the air.


You may want to look into added lighting for your bathroom. General lighting is for the basic visibility of everything in the bathroom (e.g. your ceiling light). But you don’t need to stop here. Functional lighting can help you do specific tasks more easily like shaving or applying makeup (e.g. lights on the mirror). And mood lighting can help you relax and unwind (e.g. warm lighting, LED candles, colour therapy lights.) The possibilities are absolutely endless with just a few simple tweaks!


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