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9 Types of Bathtubs for Your Next Bathroom Reno

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One of the main stars of every major bathroom remodelling project is the bathtub. But whether you are adding a bathroom to your home, overhauling an existing bathroom, or simply switching to a different kind of bathtub, the change is always profound. And the best part is that there are many different types of bathtubs to choose from!

Changing or upgrading your bathtub not only affects the look of your bathroom but also impacts your lifestyle. This is because they are central areas for relaxing or bathing comfortably during the cold winter months. 

If you’re currently looking to get a new bathtub, this guide is for you. Let’s explore the different types of bathtubs and take a deep dive into their practical and aesthetic benefits. 

A jacuzzi bathtub

Identifying the Different Types of Bathtubs 

The main classifications of bathtubs center on either their material or their design/style/shape. Learn about the different materials used for a bathtub here to have a clearer understanding of their durability and what might be the best choice for you. 

Meanwhile, looking at the design speaks more about how the bathtub functions and how it becomes a part of the bathroom’s overall look and experience.  

Therefore, in this guide, we will be exploring the different types of bathtubs according to their design or style. We will talk about the following types: 

1. Alcove Bathtub

Tubs of this type are intended for installation in recessed areas of bathrooms, surrounded by three walls. Such designs maximize the space available for compatible bathroom layouts. This type of bathtub is common in older homes but is still popular to this day. 

2. Drop-In Bathtub 

A drop-in bathtub resembles an alcove bathtub, except that it can be installed on a deck, platform, or structure that is not surrounded by three walls. It can even be placed in the middle of the bathroom if desired.

3. Corner Bathtub

When viewed from above, these bathtubs are generally fan-shaped. They are often installed in corners of bathrooms, so they are an excellent way to save space. Some corner bathtubs are also available as whirlpool bathtubs with two seats.  

A whirlpool corner bathtub

4. Freestanding Bathtub

Next on our list of different types of bathtubs is the freestanding type. These bathtubs do not require a platform or deck, which differentiates them from drop-in bathtubs. Freestanding bathtubs can be placed virtually anywhere, but the water supply and drainage systems will need to be adjusted. These types of bathtubs tend to have sleek designs that go well with modern interiors. 

5. Clawfoot Bathtub

The clawfoot bathtub is extremely iconic thanks to its four (usually metallic-looking) legs. They are great for achieving an elegant, classic, or even shabby-chic look. The best part is that the space under the bathtub gives an illusion of added space because it allows the floor to visually continue underneath. 

A two-toned clawfoot bathtub

6. Soaking Bathtub 

Next on our list of different types of bathtubs are soaking bathtubs. Because of their deep design, these bathtubs allow you to immerse your entire body. Designed for comfort, they are great for long soaks because of their shape and length. Some soaking bathtubs are slightly higher on one side for a more comfortable recline.

7.  Walk-In Bathtub

A walk-in bathtub is what its name implies—all you have to do is open the door and step inside. The walk-in bathtub is so safe and comfortable that it is the perfect choice for homes with elderly, injured, or disabled residents. However, for a standard walk-in bathtub, you would typically need to sit upright, just like in a reclined chair. 

8. Whirlpool Bathtub or Jacuzzi Bathtub 

Next on our list of different types of bathtubs to choose from is the whirlpool bathtub. Otherwise known as the jacuzzi bathtub, these are designed to pamper. 

You’ll find jets in a whirlpool tub, which is the mechanism that massages your muscles. These jets are powered by water or air and are designed to relax your body and provide you with a therapeutic soak.

9. Bathtub and Shower Combo or Shower Baths 

Among the different types of bathtubs, this is a combo that helps save space efficiently. A bathtub and shower combo (a.k.a. shower bath) saves space by allowing users to take showers inside the bathtub itself. This means that the bathtub space can be used for both soaking and showering. It’s a common configuration in many homes today.

A shower bath combo


There are a few subtypes of shower baths that you can choose from, such as the following:  

Straight Shower Bath

A straight shower bath combo means that the tub itself is shaped regularly or “straight.”

P-Shaped Shower Bath

A P-shaped shower bath combo is shaped like a letter “P” from above. This means that one end is rounded and larger than the rest of the bathtub. Its shape gives added space for the shower area. 

L-Shaped Shower Bath

An L-shaped shower bath combo is much like a P-shaped shower bath, except that the added area is not rounded. In an L-shaped shower bath, the extra space for showering is squarish. 

Walk-In Shower Bath

A walk-in shower bath has a safety glass door that can open. Among the shower bath combos on this list, this is one of the safest subtypes for children and for people with limited mobility. 

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That wraps up our guide on the different types of bathtubs. Are you ready to get the bathtub of your dreams? We’re here to help!

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