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While most people understand that clogged drain repair and clogged sink repair is something that will need to be undertaken at some point during the course of home ownership, many people do not realize just how inconvenient these problems can be, especially when left to the last minute, and if not entrusted to trained professionals. This is why PlumbWize does what it does. We have helped our customers deal with innumerable clogged drains and sinks.

A clogged drain or clogged pipes often begin to show you telltale signs that there is a problem well before they become completely blocked. Water will sometimes begin to back up out of the drain or pipes. Pools of water frequently form around drains that feed clogged pipes. If you notice that water is draining exceptionally slow (much slower than usual if you have old pipes), there is likely an obstruction deep inside. If the toilet water begins to bubble when you run the sink, or if drains are making gurgling noises, that is a telltale sign that something is blocking the water from being drained the way it should. Clogged drain repair is fairly easy to diagnose when you bring in the experts at PlumbWize. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services so that you don’t need to wait overnight to call someone if the matter is urgent. Our expert, courteous, and efficient plumbers utilize only the most advanced techniques and industry leading technology when helping our clients, and will provide you with accurate diagnostics, an upfront quote with no hidden extras, and will arrive and get the work done on time, no hassle.

If you are wondering whether or not your clogged pipes require an expert opinion and expert assistance, or if it is something that you might try remedying yourself before calling in the pros, try these drain clearing tips yourself:

  • Turn on the faucet and fill your sink partly with water
  • If you are experiencing problems in a double kitchen sink, plug one of them with a wet rag to isolate the problem sink
  • If it is a bathroom sink, plug the overflow hole
  • After you have done that, begin plunging the other side with a cup plunger (provided you have one on hand)
  • Work the plunger up and down and do this several times to see if the drainage issue has been solved

The best way, however, to avoid clogged drain and clogged sink repair is to perform regular preventative maintenance. This is something that you can undertake on your own, or have a PlumbWize professional come in and perform for you. Plumbing problems are only going to keep cropping up if care is not taken to limit the root causes.

Get in touch with PlumbWize today and let us know how our expert plumbers can help you with any and all of your clogged pipe issues. We always have someone standing by, ready to take your call and help make your life easier.

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