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Over time, drains in your home or business are going to clog, there is really no way around it. While there are things you can do, and certain technologies you can employ to help you minimize the frequency with which it happens, sooner or later, you are going to need to call a professional drain cleaning company to provide professional help to solve the problem.

Kitchen drains, especially, clog relatively often. With all of the food preparation and cleaning that goes on in and around the kitchen sink, it is almost inevitable that large amounts of food scraps are going to end up blocking the flow of water, making your life stressful until you call an emergency drain cleaning service in to handle the situation. Many people also don’t realize that it’s not just food and debris that gets caught in kitchen drains, causing them to malfunction. Grease, soap, and fat also get stuck in the drain over time and contribute to buildups. Our plumbers will come and handle the problem fast with technology that cuts through clogs in the blink of an eye.

In addition to kitchen drainage clogs (which are our most common sewer and drain cleaning service request) we also receive many calls to our client’s homes and businesses to help in the bathroom. Showers and tubs are also quite frequent culprits when it comes to clogs, as soap, hair, toothpaste, and other grime can completely block off a drain. Anyone who has ever had to deal with toothpaste that sits in the sink water for hours, or a shower that fills up to your knees while you are in there, knows that this is highly unpleasant. Toilets, especially older toilets, can also become clogged with toilet paper and other items which will, over time, render them almost useless if something is not done. We are also commonly called to handle basement and utility room cleaning, where floor drains and laundry room drains are the common culprits. Floor drains in and around your driveway, patio and pool are other common drains that can become blocked over time. A professional sewer and drain cleaning service is also useful for helping in problem areas such as downspout drains, which help to funnel water away from roofs. These downspout drains are often connected to the municipal sewer system through subterranean pipes, which become blocked by leaves and other outdoor debris.

There are a lot of drains in and around your property to keep track of if you are a homeowner, and all of them require time and maintenance to ensure that they don’t back up and become problems for you and your family. It is often hard to predict exactly when one of these drains is going to become clogged, and all it takes sometimes is one final straw (one piece of toilet paper, one additional leaf, or one additional piece of food) to seal up a drain for good until you have someone come in to remedy the problem.

Contact PlumbWize today if you are experiencing drain problems in and around your home or commercial building, and rest easy knowing that our professional plumbers will find the block and remove it from your drain in no time at all.

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