Faucet Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are in a commercial or a residential setting, making sure that your faucets are in full working order should be a top priority. A faucet that is out of commission can quickly become a big headache, causing water damage and ending up costing a ton of money in wasted water if not dealt with promptly and correctly. We at PlumbWize have been providing homeowners with second to none faucet repair, faucet installation and faucet replacement services for years. Our highly trained and experienced plumbers work with the industry’s best equipment and technology to ensure that faucet problems never take over our clients’ lives. Whether the faucet issue is in the bathroom, the kitchen, or elsewhere, we can make it go away.

There are generally four main types of faucets: compression, ball, cartridge and disk. PlumbWize plumbers are experts at maintaining, repairing, servicing, and installing all four. We also like to provide our clients with water conservation tips so that they are able to save themselves time and money in the long run. One such tip is to use low-flow faucets in their kitchens and their bathrooms. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has developed partnerships with faucet manufacturers in an effort to use less water. Many of these faucets come with a “WaterSense” label on them that will let you know that the product is more environmentally friendly. PlumbWize can help you with the faucet selection, replacement and installation. Another recommendation we commonly make is that our clients look into installing low-flow aerators on their current bathroom faucets. These introduce air into the stream of water coming out and help to control the flow of water. This additional air makes sure that the water pressure remains constant and that the fixture is using less water while turned on. The final water conservation tip we offer is that you opt for a low flow shower head. Like the aforementioned WaterSense faucets, WaterSense shower heads can also help you cut down the amount of water you use in your home and minimize your environmental footprint.

If you are in the market for a new faucet and you are debating whether you should perform the installation or replacement yourself, you might want to consider having a PlumbWize technician give you a hand if you’ve never attempted it before. Having a trained professional at the wheel when so much is on the line in terms of potential water damage makes a lot of sense. What you save in labour costs might end up costing you on your water bill if your faucet is leaking water non-stop.

Whatever your faucet plumbing needs, PlumbWize can help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and let us know how we can help with your residential and/or commercial faucet plumbing issues.

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