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Many people, especially those who are new homeowners, or have just purchased a piece of commercial land or real estate, are not well versed on the plumbing problems that they are likely to encounter. This is understandable. The world of plumbing issues, and the problems that one is likely to face is broad, and often quite a bit more complex than many people realize. We love helping our customers diagnose problems, and providing them with information to put their minds at ease, so that they can go about their daily lives comfortably. Our customer support team and our plumbing experts get a long list of questions on a daily basis that they are happy to answer, and which can actually make the process of not only hiring a plumber, but doing preventative maintenance on your own home or business, that much easier. Below are some of the more common questions that PlumbWize is asked.

  • What happens when roots enter my drain lines?

    If left unattended, roots can end up wreaking havoc on your drain lines and can cause a considerable amount of damage to your entire yard. The problem with tree roots is that―and this is doubly true for people who live in climates where hot, dry weather is persistent during the summer—they are constantly on the search for water, and the drain lines on your property are the ideal (sometimes the only) place water can be found during a drought. Tree roots that start working their way into and attaching themselves to your drain lines can result in a full plumbing collapse that requires a lot of hassle, stress, and money to fix.

  • What is the best way to go about replacing a toilet in my home?

    If you are thinking about replacing a toilet in your home, one of the biggest pieces of advice that we can offer is to go with one made by one of the big manufacturers. Their products are the best made, and the more modern the toilet, the better the mechanisms, and the more water efficient it is going to be. Water efficiency is one of the major criteria anytime you are buying a new toilet because the more water you waste, the more money you pay, and, more importantly, the bigger your environmental footprint.

  • What are some potential causes for my water bill increases?

    One of the biggest potential causes for an increase on your water bill is a leaky toilet. This does not necessarily refer to a toilet that is leaking water out onto the floor (although that is entirely possible), it means that a flow valve inside the top of your toilet is broken and water is constantly filling and draining into the bowl itself. This can end up wasting up to 200 gallons of water a day, which is an enormous amount of water, and an incredibly costly amount of water.

Anytime you have a question related to plumbing, don't hesitate to ask the experts at PlumbWize. Our knowledge is truly vast and the people we have working for us have seen and done it all.

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