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    Plumbing & Drain Services

    As a trusted and experienced plumbing company, PlumbWize understands that in order to stand out above the rest, we need to provide our clients with a full range of high-quality plumbing solutions at a fair price. When you call PlumbWize, you will definitely get great service with a quick response. PlumbWize is the most highly recommended company in the Hamilton area for both plumbing and drain services.

    As a family-owned plumbing business we started with just one thing in mind, to provide homeowners, business owners, and property owners with a full range of plumbing needs - including 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

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      Please call in to get an immediate response from the Plumbwize team (especially important for Emergencies).

      Residential Plumbers Hamilton

      At PlumbWize, we know that residents of Hamilton want nothing but the best for their homes. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive range of plumbing services in the area. Hamilton residents have come to know us for our skilled plumbers and honest pricing policies. We have built a loyal clientele in the Hamilton community that has been relying on us for their plumbing services for over 25 years.

      We are a completely Canadian owned and operated plumbing business aiming to make life for Hamilton residents easier. All of our plumbers are fully licensed and insured so our customers can have peace of mind. PlumbWize Hamilton is passionate about offering reliable plumbing services courteously and professionally.PlumbWize provides a comprehensive selection of plumbing and drain services in Hamilton
      to suit every situation. Plumbing can be a messy affair and often leave your home looking like an unfinished work site. Our skilled and organized plumbers pay the utmost attention to cleanliness and tidiness whilst they work. Our “Shoes Off, Floor Covered” policies ensure that the plumbing process will leave your floors completely unmarked. Our plumbers make sure that they leave your house exactly as they found it.

      At PlumbWize Hamilton, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect faucet, sink, and fixture to suit your home. The process of finding the right fit is as important to plumbers as it is to the interior of the house. That’s why we offer a wide range of products that includes all major brands to ensure quality and design. Our experienced plumbers will install whichever unique fixture you have chosen for your home correctly the first time, every time.

      A burst pipe or clogged toilet can put your life on hold anytime, be it day or night. Our emergency plumbing services offered at PlumbWize Hamilton guarantee you do not have to wait for business hours to reach out for help. Our plumbing services are available 24/7, so you always have an expert on call. Our dedicated plumbers and a fleet of seven service vehicles are ready for any plumbing emergencies our Hamilton customers might find themselves in.

      PlumbWize has distinguished itself in Hamilton as the premier plumbing service with over two decades of faultless service. If you are looking for quality products installed by the most experienced, professional, and skilled plumbers in Hamilton, contact PlumbWize today.

      Drain Services Hamilton

      At Plumbwize Hamilton, our plumbers are known for their expertise in fixing drainage issues. We make it our top priority to solve your plumbing troubles quickly and efficiently. Even the most well maintained plumbing systems can face trouble during spring storms and winter cold snaps. Flooding, burst pipes, and sewer line failures are commonly seen troubles in Hamilton and Southern Ontario.
      Our team of local Hamilton plumbers understand how stressful these situations can be for residents. Our team of expert plumbers knows exactly what it takes to make sure buildings in Hamilton are well protected and well prepared for the harsh Ontario winter.

      Our wide range of plumbing and drain services includes drain cleaning, sump pump repair and hydro jetting. At PlumbWize Hamilton, you can be sure that your plumbing issue will be resolved quickly without sacrificing quality. No matter how severe the plumbing emergency, your home will be back on the track in no time.

      When it comes to home maintenance, kitchen and bathroom drains are often overlooked. As a result, many common plumbing issues arise in these hard-working drainage systems. Our team of experienced Hamilton plumbers have over 25 years of experience in unclogging drains by snaking, camera inspection and high-pressure water cleaning. A quick call to PlumbWize Hamilton and your kitchen and bathroom worries will be as good as gone.

      The invasion of tree roots is a commonly seen problem during summer. If these roots manage to get into your pipes, they could clog and damage the plumbing system. PlumbWize’s local Hamilton plumbers are trained to quickly identifying the exact cause and location of the problem with the help of camera inspection. To cure and prevent any clogging, our plumbers in Hamilton will trim roots away from all kinds of pipes including plastic, cast iron, and clay using our renowned rooter service.

      Along with quickly fixing your plumbing system, PlumbWize Hamilton’s experienced plumbers will help identify any potential future plumbing issues before they happen. Our plumbers in Hamilton offer a range of preventative cleaning services such as hydro jetting and scouring to ensure your pipes are working for years to come.

      Taking precautions will keep the drains from clogging for as long as possible. However, over time they will clog up due to oil and dirt build-up and clearing them can be a messy experience. Our team of Hamilton plumbers are available to clear any drainage system 24/7, rain or shine. If you are in Hamilton and want your plumbing to be working like brand new, contact PlumbWize.

      Plumbing Services Hamilton

      In order to fully enjoy your home and relax with your family, the facilities in the house need to be up and running at all times. When a pipe bursts or a sewer line backs up, taking care of the house becomes a never-ending task. PlumbWize plumbers make sure that no resident of Hamilton has to suffer through a plumbing emergency alone.

      Our skilled Hamilton plumbers will drop by any time of the day or night and identify the problem. We make it our top priority to solve the issue quickly and professionally so that Hamilton families can return to enjoying their homes in peace.

      Every Canadian is aware of the troubles that come along with the seemingly endless winter months such as frozen pipes or broken water heaters. PlumbWize has been providing the best plumbing services and plumbers in Hamilton for over two decades. Our plumbers are intimately familiar with the issues commonly seen in plumbing systems of Hamilton and have built a loyal following of return customers.

      Our team of plumbers in Hamilton is always prepared with a fleet of seven fully stocked vehicles to deal with these issues during each season. Pipe thawing and water heater replacement are just a phone call away for residents of Hamilton. When the first big melt of spring arrives, our plumbers are on call 24/7 to fix those exhausted sump pumps to ensure your basement stays bone dry.

      If you are looking to perform a plumbing update in your home, PlumbWize’s Hamilton team of plumbers will make it possible without breaking the bank. We offer ample plumbing installation and improvement services including toilet installation, fixture replacement, and faucet switching. Contact PlumbWize for the best plumbing services in Hamilton.

      Emergency Plumbing Hamilton

      The PlumbWize team knows that no time is convenient for a burst pipe, backed up sewer line or broken mixing valve. Such incidents can happen at any time of the day and it can interrupt your schedule. With our emergency plumbing services, Hamilton residents do not need to worry about being without an expert to assist them. Additionally, sudden plumbing malfunctions can be covered by homeowners insurance so you don’t have to be left in the lurch to cover the cost of repairs.

      PlumbWize has true 24/7 call-out availability which will have a professional plumber on your doorstep within minutes. Plumbing emergencies require a high level of urgency and experience to limit the potential disruption to your daily life. Our team of plumbers prioritizes speed and efficiency to fix your problem as soon as possible. PlumbWize’s Hamilton range of emergency plumbing services is available year-round including Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

      Commercial Plumbing Hamilton

      One of PlumbWize’s specialties is commercial and rental property plumbing within Hamilton. No job is too big or too small for our plumbers. From large scale office building fit-outs and repairs to single unit rental property inspections and maintenance, PlumbWize has what you need to ensure your investment is being looked after.

      Our 24/7 availability coupled with our fleet of seven fully-stocked emergency vehicles guarantees that plumbing systems of all magnitude will be fixed at any time of the day. Property managers and landlords of Hamilton can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their buildings are in good hands. Our plumbers in Hamilton will make sure that none of the pipes in the building are leaking and the floor is properly sealed. For commercial plumbing in Hamilton, contact PlumbWize.

      Why do you need a PlumbWize plumber?

      PlumbWize has been providing high-quality plumbing services to the residents of Hamilton for over two decades. We only staff fully licensed and insured plumbers so our customers can have peace of mind. Our team of plumbers in Hamilton offers comprehensive and courteous service which keeps your plumbing system working efficiently.

      We also have a dedicated property management team to offer expert advice on your building. Our plumbers in Hamilton will inspect your property and fix any issues you might be experiencing with the plumbing system. We offer best-in-class remodelling services as well to assist you during those stressful renovations. Be it your kitchen or bathroom, our Hamilton plumbers will make sure that the new dishwasher and shower are fitted well.

      When you renovate your house, feel free to seek the advice of our team of plumbers in Hamilton. We will provide you with an accurate, fair quote and detailed plan of action to choose from. Our local Hamilton plumbers will advise you on the best way of rerouting the plumbing system according to the new layout as well.

      Our team of Hamilton plumbers is here to help you with the rough-in as well. This will give you an idea about how the plumbing system of the house will be set out without actually installing the pipes and faucets. PlumbWize has been providing rough-in services in Hamilton for over two decades. At PlumbWize, our priority is every Hamilton resident’s comfort. Our plumbers make sure that your house looks and functions exactly as you dreamed it would.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Kitec plumbing can be determined based on colour and markings. The most common colours of Kitec pipes are blue and orange (or red). They may also have markings like Ambio Comfort, Kitec XPA, XPA, Ipex Aqua, etc. When in doubt, consult an experienced plumber.

      Mechanical plumbing snakes or drain snakes are safer for home use than motorized ones. Typically, mechanical plumbing snakes are operated with a crank while the rest of the snake goes into a clogged drain. Though these are relatively safer, there is still the risk of jamming a clog or damaging the pipes.

      Yes! Any appliance that needs an effective and long-lasting water supply line and drain must be installed by a qualified plumber. This prevents plumbing emergencies like leaks and flooding. 

      No. Normal pipes operate quietly without ticking or banging noises. A ticking sound could indicate a leak while banging noises are commonly attributed to water hammers. Even if there are home remedies for such plumbing issues, the only way you can be sure that you’re identifying the problem correctly (and getting a long-term solution) is by consulting a qualified plumber.

      Hard water can cause skin dryness, leave stains on washed surfaces, and obstruct your plumbing with mineral deposits over time. Given all these, most homeowners try to remedy water hardness by using water softeners or descalers.

      Water-damaged wood can be restored cosmetically by a series of steps involving removing rotting portions and using filler putty. However, severely water-damaged wood that has extensive warping and rotting would need to be replaced.

      This depends on the proximity of the emergency plumber to your area. Make sure to choose emergency plumbers who specialize in responding to residents in your area. 

      Backed-up sewers can be caused by issues such as heavy rain/snowfall, tree root clogging sewer lines, and deteriorating sewer components. Only a certified plumber with years of experience can quickly diagnose the problem. 

      There is no sure-fire way to determine this without the right tools. Plumbers use a special camera for inspecting issues like this. 

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