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    Please call in to get an immediate response from the Plumbwize team (especially important for Emergencies).

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      Please call in to get an immediate response from the Plumbwize team (especially important for Emergencies).

      Most Trusted Plumbing & Drain Services - Plumbwize Plumbing & Drain Services

      Residential Plumbers Stoney Creek

      Residents of Stoney Creek have been relying on PlumbWize for over twenty years, and our passion for quality and service has kept them coming back whenever they need an expert plumber. We are the number one residential plumbing company and provide reliable service in Stoney Creek and the surrounding area.

      PlumbWize is proud to be a 100% Canadian company and our plumbers not only help Stoney Creek residents with their residential plumbing needs – they are members of the local community themselves. We know the peace of mind can be hard to come by these days, so every PlumbWize plumber carries full licensing and insurance to ensure our customers know they are getting a quality product. At PlumbWize, we want to break the stereotypical image of the messy plumber, so our Shoes Off and Floor Covering policies will have your floors treated with the respect they deserve. It’s generally better to have many options as opposed to few, so every single one of our seven-vehicle fleet carries all major plumbing brands ensuring that the perfect fixture or replacement is always on hand. One of the most competitive features in Stoney Creek is our flat rate pricing compared to other plumbing companies.

      Plumbing emergencies always seem to strike just after your average plumbing service closes for the day. At PlumbWize, our 24/7 emergency availability sets us apart from the rest and gives our customers the care they deserve when they need it most. A broken sump pump, clogged drain, sewer line backup, kitchen sink blockage, and leaking pipes are all considered plumbing emergencies. These problems, if left unattended, will cause water damage to your home. Start getting wise about your plumbing at a flat rate pricing and contact PlumbWize today.

      Drain Services Stoney Creek

      With over two decades of drain repair and maintenance under our belts, PlumbWize is one of the most well-respected plumbing services in Stoney Creek. We provide the best drain cleaning service and are known as the best Stoney Creek plumbing company.

      With all the hustle and bustle of modern life, we can often neglect that slow-draining sink or puddle in the basement until it becomes a real issue; once that happens, your whole routine can be thrown into disarray. Our PlumbWize plumbers know how to solve every possible drainage issue as an emergency plumbing repair in industry-leading time, including flooded sump pumps, clogged drains, leaking pipes, and backed-up sewer lines. Our team makes it their top priority to get drains moving in the right direction as quickly as possible, so you can keep moving in the right direction too. At the end of the day, after the repairs, you will realize that you hired the right plumber you could find in  Stone Creek.

      As much as we wish they were, drains are not impervious to the rigors of daily life and after a few years of hard work, they can start to show signs of slowing down. When this happens in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement, it can really put a damper on your day. With our extensive suite of analysis and clearing services, such as drain camera inspection, snaking, and rooting, we can roll the clock back on your drains and have them performing in peak condition in no time. With just one service call, our expert plumber will arrive at your door and complete your drain cleaning as soon as possible. All Stoney Creek residents know that when it comes to drains and drain cleaning services, PlumbWize is the way to go. Get in the know and contact us today.

      Plumbing Services Stoney Creek

      When Stoney Creek residents hear the unmistakable drip of a leaking pipe, the first call they make is to PlumbWize for this kind of plumbing repair.

      Is your charming older home starting to show signs of its plumbing age? Or perhaps your new condo wasn’t in the best hands when its faucets were installed?  It only takes one phone call to PlumbWize to solve your plumbing problems by finding the root cause and clearing it with our amazing skills. Our highly qualified plumbers are experts in fixing leaky pipes or, dripping taps replacing faulty faucets, fixing low water pressure issues, and replacing weathered toilets so your home will feel brand new again. Winter’s icy grip on Southern Ontario is no match for PlumbWize, with our frozen pipe thawing, mixing valve optimization, and electric hot water tank replacement services ensuring you stay warm during the colder months. Our skilled plumbers have extensive experience in installing and repairing broken water heaters.

      Our plumbers are also available for new faucet and fixture installation, helping to get on top of your bathroom renovations in Stoney Creek. With over 20 years of quality service in the Stoney Creek area, your pet project is in good hands. In need of a trustworthy plumber with the best reputation in town? Contact PlumbWize today to experience Stoney Creek’s finest plumbing service.

      Emergency Plumbing Stoney Creek

      There’s nothing worse than reaching for the phone after seeing the water rushing up your basement stairs only to realize it’s after business hours and your local plumber is closed. At PlumbWize, we understand that plumbing is a never-ending job, so our expert plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any and all plumbing emergencies. We specialize in fixing burst pipes, correcting sewer flow, and draining flooded basements so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re having a plumbing nightmare, contact PlumbWize today so we can turn it into a distant memory by reaching your place in a couple of hours in Stoney Creek and the surrounding area.

      Stoney Creek Commercial Plumbing

      Commercial plumbing can be difficult to manage, with many different stakeholders and tenants complicating repairs and maintenance. Luckily, PlumbWize is an expert in both enterprise-level and rental property-level plumbing, so we’re bound to offer the services that you need.

      Our commitment to excellence and 24/7 availability means property managers and landlords can rely on us to take the time to work with them to develop a personalized plumbing plan that meets their individual needs without creating any unnecessary complications. We are the right choice for your commercial plumbing needs, and our plumbers are licensed, fully insured, and available for any emergency service. When you go with PlumbWize, you’re wise about your plumbing. Contact us today.

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