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Waterdown Plumber

After over 20 years of exceptional service to the Waterdown area, PlubWize has become one of the most trusted and respected plumbing services in Ontario.

We have been Ontarian owned and operated for over two decades, so we know exactly what Waterdown residents expect from their plumbing service – quality, efficiency and professionalism. Our team is highly trained in all plumbing services you might need, and every PlumbWize plumber is 100% licensed and insured so you know your plumbing will be in good hands. You’ll never have to choose between excellent plumbing and unmarked floors again as our Shoes Off or Floor Covering policies ensure your home will look exactly as it did when our plumbers arrived. Mismatched fixtures will be a thing of the past, as our full seven vehicle fleet comes stocked with all major brands, guaranteeing that we will find the perfect piece for your home.

Plumbing emergencies can happen day or night, rain or shine. With our 24/7 emergency availability, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck with a burst pipe or clogged toilet after hours again, as one of our plumbing professionals is just a phone call away no matter the time of day.

If quality, efficiency and professionalism are important to you, contact PlumbWize today to see why we’re the number one name in Waterdown plumbing.

Drain Services Waterdown

There’s no drain PlumbWize can’t fix, which is why we are Waterdown’s preferred plumbing service.

Drains perform the vital task of taking away any water that shouldn’t be there, and when they begin to fail, things can get messy. At PlumbWize, we specialise in finding solutions to a huge range of drainage problems including clogging, slow flow rates, ineffective sump pumps and more. One call to our experienced plumbing team and your backed-up sewer lines and overflowing basement drains are as good as fixed.

The places you definitely do not want to have clogged or slow moving drains are the kitchen or bathroom. These spaces rely on efficient drainage to function properly and when they’re not performing at their best, it can make using them a chore. PlumbWize knows this, and so our plumbers are masters at all drain clearing services such as camera inspection, rooting, snaking and hydro jetting. After making a call to us, your kitchen will be back to feeling like the heart of the home.

Taking just a few easy steps can ensure your drains are in peak condition before anything goes wrong so you can avoid those clogs all together. Our extensive range of pre-emptive care solutions such as pipe cleaning, inspection and rooting will keep your drains moving the way they should.If your drains aren’t moving water down in Waterdown, contact PlumbWize today.

Plumbing Services Waterdown

PlumbWize specialises in the complete gamut of plumbing services and prides itself on its speed, excellence and expertise.

We know that plumbing problems can feel overwhelming: pipes leak and need repairs, toilets need to be replaced, and mixing valves need tuning. That’s why all our plumbers take the time to listen to your concerns, identify the pain points and present an efficient solution to take the uncertainty out of your plumbing. Whether its upgrading a sump pump or thawing a frozen pipe, PlumbWize has your back.

Looking to invest in an updated bathroom or kitchen? PlumbWize offers faucet repair and installation, fixture updating and electric water heater tank replacement so you don’t have to worry about spending any more than necessary. Our plumbers are intimately familiar with all major brands, so they know exactly how to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product.

Waterdown has just one name in premium plumbing services and it’s PlumbWize. Contact us today.


Emergency Plumbing Waterdown

You’re just getting ready to wind down for the evening and your sewer line backs up. Instead of suffering until the morning, call PlumbWize to have one of our experts on their way in no time. Our 24/7 availability means we can respond immediately to any plumbing emergency, from burst pipes to flooded rooms. With over 20 years of experience in helping Waterdown residents survive those sudden drainage disasters, you know you’ll be getting the best service in town.

If you want to get back to relaxing after work and not stressing about your plumbing,
contact PlumbWize today and let our experts take care of the rest.

Waterdown Commercial Plumbing

PlumbWize doesn’t only specialise in private property plumbing – we’re expects in commercial buildings as well.

Our plumbers work closely with property managers and landlords alike to offer bespoke plumbing solutions to suit every need. From unclogging drains in office buildings to replacing faucets in rental properties, PlumbWize is on call 24/7 so our customers can rest easy knowing they’ll never be without assistance.

Contact PlumbWize today and make a decision your tenants will love you for.