PlumbWize is one of the premier interior waterproofing companies in Hamilton. Offering several diverse interior waterproofing solutions, our team of licensed waterproofing experts has served the Hamilton area for years. The experts at PlumbWize will provide you with a level of service and customer experience that is unparalleled to any other company in the area. We will install and outfit your interior spaces with a waterproofing solution that works for you.

We do everything we can to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our service. We take a careful and thorough approach to every interior waterproofing job we complete in Hamilton. We strive to make sure that the quality of our service surpasses that of our competitors. With our waterproofing experience, we will bet that you will be unable to find better service from any other provider in Hamilton.

At PlumbWize, everything comes down to our quest for excellence. We know that leaks in your interior spaces can cause significant damage to your home. Usually at the worst possible times, water can get into your home and disrupt your daily routine. Our team of professional waterproofing technicians will be able to identify the source of the leak and will quickly work to resolve the problem. Then, we will get to work on securing your home with the latest protocols in waterproofing technology. This will ensure that you will not encounter future problems with water entering your home or basement. At PlumbWize, we always think of the long-term and avoid Band-Aid solutions to provide you with the best possible results.

How PlumbWize Approaches Interior Waterproofing

PlumbWize looks at interior waterproofing in Hamilton especially when exterior waterproofing is not a viable option. This might be the case when the exterior of your home or business is inaccessible to our technicians. Interior waterproofing is also a great idea for Hamilton residents who want to protect their basements from water damage, but want to avoid having to redo landscaping around the yard.

The first step that we will take when determining what the best solution will be is to assess how water is entering your home. There is generally no one-size-fits-all solution for interior waterproofing and what will be needed in your case will depend on the severity of the water leak.

In some cases, water enters a basement because there is a leak in your foundation. This is identifiable by wet areas on your basement walls. This can also occur around cracks at the base of windows or around the entry or exit points of pipes.

Water can also enter your home due to a hydrostatic pressure. When the soil around your home becomes saturated with water, it expands. The added pressure that is put on the soil from this extra water causes pressure to build on your foundation walls. This pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure. This is different than a straightforward leak, as you will notice water being forced into your home close to where your walls meet the floor. Hydro static pressure can also cause water to be pushed upward through cracks in a basement floor.

After we have determined where the water is coming from, we will be able to determine the most effective and affordable interior waterproofing solution for your Hamilton home or business.

How Can Interior Waterproofing Benefit Your Home Or Business?

You need to be confident that your home is secured from water damage in order to guarantee the safety of your household and to protect your home.

Interior waterproofing is also essential for preventing the buildup of mould in your home. If your home lacks effective waterproofing, then mould can accumulate and damage your interior spaces. This mould can also negatively affect the health and well-being of your family. As a major allergen with the potential for serious harm, mould can make your home or business unlivable. This is one of the biggest hazards represented by excessive moisture in your home.

It is important to avoid a delay in rectifying this problem. The longer you wait to fix moisture buildup in your home, the more extensive the damage will be. To avoid ever reaching this point, make sure to periodically check the interior spaces of your home or business for moisture buildup. Be sure to call our team of experts as soon as possible when you notice a problem.

Interior waterproofing is perfect for more minor water damage issues and represents a more cost-effective solution than external waterproofing. However, for complete protection that will ensure that your basement remains dry, consider installing both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions.

Having a well-established and high-functioning interior waterproofing system in your home will not only ensure that the value of your home is maintained but may even add value to your property. When the time comes to resale, you will be able to highlight the effectiveness of your waterproofing system as a benefit for potential buyers.

Interior Waterproofing Services That We Provide

Interior waterproofing essentially revolves around installing an effective interior drainage system in your basement. By ensuring that water is rapidly extracted from your home, you can reap the benefits of having dry and livable interior spaces all year round.

Our team of internal waterproofers in Hamilton will be able to add a drainage system to the inside of your home or business to make sure that moisture is being removed from your home in an efficient way.

We will also be able to install a barrier between your wall and your interior spaces to make sure that water does not enter your home. Depending on the extent of your problem, we will choose the optimal material that will keep your basement dry.

Our team is also adept at conducting repairs to your existing drainage system (if one is already installed in your home). We know the ins and outs of common problems with existing drainage systems. By relying on our extensive experience in providing interior waterproofing solutions for Hamilton residents, you can be sure we have dealt with issues like yours in the past.

If your existing drainage is insufficient to eliminate this excessive moisture, then our professional PlumbWize team may install a sump pump in your basement. This involves installing a sump pit in your basement floor to allow gravity to drive the water out of your home. Once water builds up in the sump pit, the pump will automatically turn on and extract the water from under your home. The equipment that we use for this purpose will ensure that your interior spaces remain dry for years to come.

Our team will determine from our range of waterproofing services that we offer what interior waterproofing protocols are best suited for your home.

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We aspire to be the first choice for interior waterproofing for all Hamilton residents. To this end, we strive to make sure that every customer experience is a positive one. We are a completely Canadian owned and operated plumbing business that provides comprehensive interior waterproofing services for our clients. We know how difficult it can be to cope with a compromised and wet basement. Our skilful team will get the job done quickly and correctly the first time to avoid adding to your stress.

We know that Canadians are hardy folks when it comes to dealing with inclement weather. However, it is hard to face the challenge of dealing with basement leaks all on your own. We have happily served many satisfied clients in Hamilton and the surrounding area who currently enjoy the benefits of a dry basement even throughout the days of melting snow in the spring and rainy summer months.

Our team of interior waterproofing experts is here to help you with everything needed to secure your home from water damage. If you want the professional touch of a team that has been working with the needs of Hamilton homes for over two decades, contact us today. We will ensure that your house is protected in just the way that you expect. If you need the best waterproofing team in Hamilton, Ontario, then give us a call at 905-842-6222.


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