We deliver high quality plumbing repair, maintenance and installation for homeowners. Clients often come to us for help with repairs or new additions in their home. Are you adding a bathroom or expanding your kitchen? Is a renovation requiring you to reroute plumbing for a new layout or open floor plan? Perhaps your plumbing fixtures are simply out of date? At PlumbWize, we address all of these concerns and needs with our licensed and insured team of plumbing experts. We provide you with an accurate, fair quote and detailed plan of action to choose from. We’ll also ensure the right plumbing is installed, taking the needs of that area and your household at large into account. For an experience you won’t regret, trust us for Plumbing Done Right Guaranteed.

The key to any well-constructed plumbing project is a properly completed rough-in. Our team will complete any rough-in in your home with ease and experience.


PlumbWize knows exactly what it takes to lay the foundation for a successful project. Just like a well-constructed home requires preliminary activity such as drawing a building plan, measuring, and marking out lots, plumbers have a set list of steps to carry out after pipes have been cut or put into place. The rough-in is a particularly important and tricky step of the building process that falls between the basic framing of a house, and the actual installation of connecting sinks, tub, showers, etc. There are actually electrical rough-ins as well, but here we’ll explain what happens during a plumbing rough-in specifically.

Essentially, rough-ins are the step before things are installed and finished. As you can imagine, this part will look like open walls with piping that provide the necessary infrastructure to build the system from. Your water supply and drain pipes will be run through bored holes and framing components and properly connected, but you won’t have a faucet, fixture, sink or tub yet. At this crucial juncture, a PlumbWize will check for exact specifications that make the actual installation of sinks, toilets and more with precision.

We will check for things such as spacing between pipes and from the pipe to the floor and make the required holes and cuts to route pipes to the fixtures that are to come. There are different dimensions and requirements for sinks, toilet, tubs, and showers. Important things plumbers will be sure to note or do is measure from the center of the pipe and not the edge, and the distance a toilet will be placed from the wall (15 inches minimum, for example).

Rough-ins are completed prior to inspection ins a home or commercial building, so it’s common knowledge to plumbing professionals that this work is final and precise. At PlumbWize, we pride ourselves on consistent, compliant rough-ins that allow homeowners to proceed smoothly and quickly through the inspection process and onto the installation of their brand new fixtures.


We perform rough-ins for clients throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown, Flamborough, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, serving Canadian homeowners and business owners looking to furnish new construction or renovate an older establishment. We invite you to experience first-hand how a professionally completed rough-in will speed up your plumbing installation and ensure the integrity of your piping and fixtures over the life of your home or office.

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