PlumbWize has gotten to where we are today by being the best at what we do. As expert waterproofers in Burlington, we offer the most comprehensive services compared to anyone else in the area. Our complete range of services is capable of covering all your waterproofing needs as either a home or business owner in Burlington. Our waterproofers in Burlington are fully licensed and trained to use the best practices to keep your home safe. Having worked in the Burlington area for over 20 years, we are able to provide a level of professionalism and experience that remains unmatched in the surrounding area.

We take the needs and expectations of each client very seriously. The reputation that has allowed us to develop a loyal clientele base in Burlington has only been achieved through being consistent and methodical in everything that we do. We strive to stand out from the competition at every opportunity. At all times, we still strive to also remain affordable and cost-efficient for every client. This allows us to provide effective waterproofing solutions for clients with diverse needs and budgets. For each of these reasons, we are confident that you will not find superior service from any other provider.

How PlumbWize Approaches Basement Waterproofing In Burlington

Our reputation means everything to us. Rather than treating each client to a one-size-fits-all solution, we will ensure that a dialogue is established between our team and our clients. Even the most trivial customer concerns or questions are treated with careful consideration and respect. We know that when water starts to leak into your home or your business that stress levels can run high and that time is of the essence. Having witnessed the aftermath of damage that has been done to homes and businesses throughout the Burlington area caused by what started out as small leaks or cracks in a foundation, we take every single concern very seriously. When your peace of mind is at stake, you can be sure that it is time to call in the professionals to solve your problems.

We are not satisfied with providing our clients with temporary solutions that will only be effective in the short-term. When our team of professional waterproofers in Burlington is finished with a job, you can rest assured that your home or business will be safe for some time to come. We will survey what the extent of your unique problem is and make recommendations after gauging the seriousness of the issue. Afterwards, we will discuss your options with you and walk you through the relative pros and cons of each. When an option has been decided on, we will quickly implement it to restore your home or business back to its former state.

How Can Our Team of Basement Waterproofers Benefit Your Burlington Home Or Business?

If water damage is threatening your Burlington home or business, then you already know what the benefits of effective waterproofing would be like. The biggest benefit you can expect from a well-conceived waterproofing job is enhanced safety and security for the structure of your home or business. While homeowners frequently think that they do everything possible to keep their home safe, waterproofing is an area that is often neglected. Nevertheless, even minor cracks can eventually grow and threaten the structural integrity of your home or business. Nothing is worse than having to be removed from your home in order to restore it or to close down your business temporarily while it is renovated. Thinking of the long-term, it is important that you take the necessary measures to waterproof your home beforehand to avoid these disastrous outcomes.

Make sure that you periodically examine your home for damage caused by water or excessive moisture buildup. If you notice these problems early, then it is likely that you can save yourself a great deal of grief. The longer that these problems are left unnoticed and unmitigated, the worse off you will be. Since water damage is one of the most commonly cited insurance claims in Canada, you should do everything you can to avoid being just another statistic in this area. Even if your home is normally unaffected by rainfall, heavy snowmelt or torrential downpours or even flooding in some areas can cause damage to the interior of your home if it is not properly waterproofed.

Minor moisture buildup in your home is also capable of facilitating the growth of mildew or mould in your interior spaces. This mould is highly toxic and if you notice it in your home you need to take action right away. Especially for those individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions, your health can be significantly compromised from breathing in these particles. Rather than running the risk of having this mould develop in your home without your knowledge, install a comprehensive waterproofing system in your home or business right away to avoid the possibility entirely.

Naturally, avoiding all of this unpleasantness is a benefit in itself. The peace of mind that you can derive from having our Burlington team of waterproofers work on your home is unparalleled.

Waterproofing Services That We Provide

Our professional team will do everything it takes to ensure that your home or business is well protected from all forms of water damage. By combining both interior and exterior approaches, we will be able to tailor a solution that will fit with your needs and expectations.

Exterior waterproofing options typically requires excavating around the edge of your home or business in order to expose the underlying foundation. We will then apply a waterproof membrane to prevent water from seeping into your interior spaces. Other measures that can be taken to ensure your drainage system is up to date will be discussed with you in detail.

In regards to interior waterproofing methods, we can stop and prevent water penetrating your basement by installing a gravity-fed sump pump to rapidly remove any water that accumulates inside your basement. Having this as a backup solution is a good option to ensure that your home or business is ready for anything.

Beyond the long-term, our team of Burlington waterproofers is completely adept at repairing minor existing damage that is beginning to compromise your basement or lower levels. We will be able to patch up cracks and apply sealants to ensure that more water does not flow in through these existing breaches. However, please note that simply making repairs to existing problems will not solve the issue permanently. We hope that you will consider the suggestions that our team will provide you to avoid any future problems from plaguing your property.

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We never grow tired of hearing about all of the positive experiences that our clients have had with us. After all, we always endeavour to do the best possible job that we can. Our team of waterproofers in Burlington is always standing by to provide our clients—both new and old—with high-quality results.

Do not hesitate to give us a call if you are concerned about the amount of moisture or water that is entering your home or business. We can guarantee that your experience with our business will be a positive one. As a proudly Canadian owned and operated business we know about the unique weather conditions that plague the residents of this country. This is why you will always receive superior service from our business rather than from our competitors.

Rather than braving the elements as Canadians often do, you need to take water entering your home seriously. It is never a good idea to leave these things longer than necessary. Since even minor water damage can begin to erode your home or business, it is vital that you take the necessary measures to solve the problem quickly. Do not leave these things to chance and blindly hope that they resolve on their own. If you notice a minor problem, chances are that it will become much worse very quickly.

If you are worried about the price tag associated with our services, then rest assured that we always provide our clients with a fair price for a job well done. Our team of waterproofers in Burlington is prepared for any job—big or small—and will be happy to discuss the estimated cost of a project with you before starting it. However, it is important that you do not ignore water leaks and that—whether you solve them by yourself or through us – they do get solved immediately.

To make sure that the job is done right the first time and at the lowest cost, contact us today.

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