Tree Root Damage Repair Hamilton

While having a yard that is overflowing with beautiful trees provides shade, is eye catching, and gives you an incredible sense of serenity and relaxation, tree roots are one of the biggest enemies of plumbing and pipes on your property. They have a mind of their own, and don’t care that they are growing directly into your yard’s main drainage and sewer pipes. They can cost you untold amounts of money, especially if you are unaware that there are problem areas in your yard that need to be dealt with professionally and promptly to avoid structural and water damage to your home, or any surrounding property.

In addition to the long list of plumbing services that we provide, PlumbWize can also perform tree root removal, eliminate any tree roots on pipes, and prevent tree root damage that could seriously impact your home, and your quality of life. We are able to trim tree roots out of any plastic, cast iron, and clay tail pipes.

We like to provide our clients with information so that they can control tree root damage themselves. If roots have already entered your pipes, there are powerful root cleaning agents that you can pour into your pipes, usually on a semi-annually basis, that will help control the roots and make sure they are not damaging the pipes to the point where you need to call in a professional tree root removal company.

If you are wondering whether or not you are running the risk of root damage to your pipes, one of the most common early warning signs is drought in your area. If you are experiencing an unusually long, hot, dry summer, you can be sure that the roots of the trees on your property are going to be doing everything within their power to find what little moisture remains underground. They will invariably be drawn to your property’s pipes and plumbing. The roots are following the moisture and water vapour that is escaping from microscopic cracks in your pipes.

While you can often control tree roots for some time, there is a point at which tree root removal is your best, and really your only option. Every time you cut the roots off of a tree, the root joint remains and continues to get bigger. Over time, this joint will grow to a size that is big enough to seriously crack or rupture your pipes. At this point, it is not really possible to prevent tree root damage and you will need to call in PlumbWize to perform some serious tree root removal. This is really the best thing that you can do for your home, and your wallet.

If you think you might be running the risk of seriously damaging your property and your plumbing, and you would like some diagnostic work to figure out where you stand, PlumbWize is here for you, around the clock, to make sure that all tree root problems are solved quickly and expertly.

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