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Any number of reasons could be why you are dealing with a clogged pipe in your home. Sometimes the answer to correct the issue is as simple as using a plunger, other times it requires a more advanced approach. That’s why a professional’s help is always the best option when it comes to the health of your home—especially for stubborn, hard to reach clogs.

PlumbWize utilizes a rooter machine in order to provide highly effective drain cleaning services in Hamilton and the surrounding. This machine was invented just for the purpose of getting rid of the unyielding blockages that other methods of plumbing can’t solve.

What is Rooter Service?

Rooter service is a method of drain cleaning and pipe repair. It is most often used in instances where the source of any plumbing problems you are dealing with is the result of tree roots worming their way into your home’s pipes. This is the reason why it’s called ROOTer service!

While clogs caused by tree roots is what this drain cleaning method is most commonly used for, it can be used to address a wide variety of extremely stubborn sewer line and drain blockages. The main goal of rooter services is to rid your sewer lines of issues that are impacting the ability of your home’s plumbing system to operate at its most efficient.

How a Rooter Works

As previously mentioned, rooter service was originally used to clear tree roots from drainage systems that were causing blockages and back-ups. Now, it is a more generic term for overall drain cleaning.

Typically, a rooter machine is used in combination with other drain cleaning methods to clean out clogs and blockages from your home’s drainpipe that might be a bit more stubborn than usual. The first step is to run various forces of water down the problem drain before the rooter is used to snake the pipes and clear clogs. If this does not work and you are still having issues with drainage, the plumber will take apart sections of the pipe system to remove clogs and other debris by hand.

This evolution in use has allowed for rooter service to aid in all kinds of other plumbing issues, including clogs caused by food, soap scum, hair, as well as non-flushable objects such as children’s toys, paper towel, feminine hygiene products, and more.

Only a professional plumber in Hamilton should ever perform this drain cleaning method because if it is performed incorrectly, it can cause serious damage to your pipes.

What can Rooter Service Fix?

When a clog in your home’s plumbing is only affecting one appliance or fixture (typically the one that it is closest too), you won’t require a rooter to correct the issue. However, if you are dealing with more widespread drainage issues that are affecting multiple areas of your home, this issue will require a much more extensive solution. Additionally, for hard to reach debris or clogs caused by tree roots, a rooter machine might be the only way to clear it.

The following are some of the most common problems a rooter is used to resolve:

Sewer Back-Ups

When blockages occur in your sewer system, you risk the possibility of a sewer back-up. This is not an ideal scenario for anyone as it can possibly lead to unwanted waste entering your home. Not only does this pose a risk to the integrity of your home depending on where the back-up occurs, but it can also result in health issues for you and your family.

Clogged Drains

Everyone’s had to deal with a clogged drain at some point. While it can be annoying, they usually come with a pretty simple fix. However, persistent clogs typically mean that there is a bigger underlying issue that you have to solve. A rooter machine can target even the most stubborn clogs in your drains to ensure that you do not have to deal with recurring issues.

Overflowing Toilets

This is probably everyone’s least favourite plumbing issue to deal with. There are a variety of reasons why a clogged toilet might occur and they can happen to anyone. But what happens when you reach for the plunger only for it to not solve the problem? Professional rooter service can locate the source of the overflowing toilet problem and eliminate any clogs that are the cause.

Rooter Services with PlumbWize

No homeowner wants to deal with clogs or backups. Not only are they annoying when they occur, but they also have the potential to be damaging to your home as water can rot away its wooden structure. However, there’s no need to worry when you have a dependable professional plumbing company on your side!

PlumbWize has been servicing Hamilton and the surrounding area for years, offering a wide range of drain cleaning and emergency plumbing services. Included in this is rooter service, which might be the answer you are looking for when dealing with even the most stubborn or hard to reach clogs.

When you choose PlumbWize, you can rest easy knowing that you can depend on us to get the job done. Our team of expert professional plumbers can help you with all of your persistent clogs and plumbing needs. If you are in need of rooter service, contact us today!

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