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The Best Bathtub Designs for Small Bathrooms

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Do you want a luxurious bathroom that offers you a moment of cleansing and relaxation all to yourself?

Of course, you do.

But what if your bathroom is pressed for space? Can we still maximize it with a bathtub and other essentials?

Of course, we can!

Now, minimal space in the bathroom isn’t necessarily a roadblock. All we have to do is optimize the space by means of strategic design. This rings especially true if you want your tub to be a focal point in your bathroom.

Take note, because we’re about to discuss some of the best bathtub designs for small bathrooms,

1. Mimic Spaciousness with White Porcelain Subway Tiles

Elegance might not be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the subway, but hear us out!

White subway tiles with a glossy finish make for an understated yet sophisticated bathroom backdrop. When you design your small bathroom with white subway tiles from the walls all the way to the bathtub, you create a sense of continuity. As a result, you get the illusion of spaciousness and sleek airiness.

Keep the white theme going by integrating a white vanity to match the bathtub and toilet.

2. Run with a Mother Nature Theme

You already know that white can create a sense of spaciousness in petite bathrooms. Blue, on the other hand, is a pop of colour that is 100% flattering in any bathroom. (Granted that you choose the right type of blue)

There may not be a lot of space to go all out in a small bathroom, but you can definitely up the aesthetics with your choice of colour.

Blue is what water looks like in nature, and incorporating that concept into your small bathroom promotes the feeling of bathing in nature. Voíla, instant mini spa aesthetic!

Complement your adventurous blue bathtub with stone pebbles, blue wall tiles, and even a few rustic wooden cabinets to really commit to the Mother Nature theme. 

3. Go For More Angles

Soft and subtle shapes may be timeless in the bathroom, but when it comes to bathtub designs for small bathrooms, it’s an even better idea to go angular.

Geometric shapes are all the rage now, so you can never really go wrong with a rectangular bathtub. It fits snugly into a corner, while freeing up more space in the process compared to their counterparts with rounded edges. Take this opportunity to add more bathroom essentials without having to worry about wiggle room.

This type of bathtub goes perfectly with mirrors and vanities that feature the same angular theme—very modern; very 21st century. 

4. Get It All With the Shower Bath Combo

A bathroom with a shower bath

Do you want a bathtub and a shower, but don’t seem to have enough floor space for both?

Well, the answer is a combination of both: a shower bath. With the functionalities of both a shower and a bathtub, you will have double the convenience without having to consume double the space.

For extremely limited bathroom space, it would be best to opt for the straight shower bath. This design is rectangular and is engineered to fit right into a corner of your bathroom.

In case you can spare a little more room than that, the L-shaped design would surely suit your preferences. Its modern look features contemporary class and thickens into a wider showering area. 

5. Freestyle It With a Freestanding Bathtub

Rather than having a built-in bathtub installed, small bathrooms can benefit amazingly from being equipped with a freestanding bathtub.

First off, they’re much more compact to look at since they aren’t surrounded by the typical, bulky mounting that their built-in counterparts require.

Secondly, this kind of small bathroom-friendly bathtub can serve as quite the aesthetic focal piece, which eliminates the need for you to add any other types of decoration just to spruce up the space.

A freestanding bathtub

6. Match it Monochromatically

This might give you a bit of deja vu from the white monochromatic theme we mentioned earlier, but did you know that a muted or subtle pastel monochrome theme works too?

From soft shades of seafoam or grey all the way to the most lighthearted hues of coral, a uniformed tone that stems all the way out to your bathtub is highly flattering for modestly-sized bathrooms.

Hands down, monochrome renders a positive effect in more ways than one.

A monochromatic bathroom

Image courtesy of @insearchoflights on Instagram

Small Yet Spectacular Bathrooms

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