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11 Plumbing Updates to Make this Spring

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Before we discuss plumbing updates needed for spring, we need to backtrack to the previous season; winter is arguably the most challenging time for a home’s plumbing system. Some of the most common winter plumbing issues include:

  • Frozen/burst outdoor/indoor water pipes
  • Frozen/burst septic lines
  • Kitchen drain clogs
  • Damage to outdoor drains
  • Sump pump system issues 
  • Water heater issues

And now that winter is over, and spring has arrived, the most fundamental plumbing updates involve repairing any plumbing issues and damages sustained/aggravated during the cold winter months. 

But whether you are just looking to address these plumbing update fundamentals or are  looking forward to plumbing upgrades/remodels for your home, there’s only one ideal place to start: an annual home plumbing inspection.  

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of beginning with  an annual home plumbing inspection before any plumbing updates for spring. We will also discuss the various plumbing updates that are perfect for this time of year. 

Let’s get started!

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The Ideal Starting Point for Plumbing Updates: An Annual Home Plumbing Inspection

It is recommended for all homeowners to have at least one plumbing inspection done every year. Spring is the optimal time for an annual home plumbing inspection, because it also helps detect any hidden plumbing issues sustained during the winter months. 

For instance, an indoor pipe within the home’s wall may have frozen during the winter and may have cracked. With your annual plumbing inspection scheduled right after winter, this hidden leaking pipe can be detected before it causes more pronounced water damage. 

Annual home plumbing inspections also allows you to take preventive measures. Expert plumbers from PlumbWize can detect even the most minor plumbing anomalies that can later on lead to costly repairs.This proactive approach, therefore, allows you to save in the long run. 

It is also important to get this plumbing inspection done before any major plumbing upgrades because it will help you to best allocate your resources. For instance, knowing that you need extensive outdoor pipe or septic line repair may make you rethink having your bathroom remodelling done within the same timeframe.

A. Spring Plumbing Updates to Recover from Winter-Related Plumbing Issues

1. Locating and Replacing Burst Pipes

Sometimes, even with the best efforts, indoor/outdoor pipes still freeze and crack over the winter months. The risk goes double for outdoor pipes that have not been properly winter-proofed. 

However, the plumbing issue can be even more insidious if it is not in plain sight. Pipes within the walls can also leak or burst and can cause water damage from within the wall. These will only be obvious once the damage to the wall or surrounding floor has been sufficient. 
Therefore, at the very top of any spring plumbing update checklist are repairs related to frozen & burst pipes.

2. Locating and Replacing Burst Septic Lines

Water pipes are not the only ones susceptible to getting damaged during the winter months. Your home’s septic lines can also freeze, leading to a sewer backup. If they also crack after freezing, this can lead to water supply contamination. If this is an issue that you’re facing, it must also be one of the first to be addressed in your spring plumbing update. 

3. Locating and Replacing Damaged Outdoor Drains

Damage to outdoor drains during winter are especially common if you have outdoor drains made of plastic. It is also common if the outdoor drains are not cleared regularly, therefore allowing water to accumulate and freeze. 

Once an outdoor drain is cracked, it would need to be repaired or replaced. And to lessen the probability of this issue happening again, you can opt to upgrade to metal outdoor drains when you get your spring plumbing update. However, even with metal outdoor drains, proper drain care is still a must.  

4. Repairing or Replacing Clogged Kitchen Drains

Has your kitchen drain been draining slower since the holidays? It could be because of the extra grease and food matter that has gone down the drain during one of the most festive seasons of the year, causing a clogged sink drain. Addressing this plumbing issue in your spring plumbing update will help avoid a more serious and inconvenient blockage. 

5. Water Heater and Sump Pump Repair

Typically, water heaters and sump pumps are overloaded during the winter months. The water heater has an added load due to colder water coming in, more guests in the house, and/or more frequent hot baths during the cold months. 

Meanwhile, the sump pump may have issues from the increased usage due to melting snow. If there are any issues with these two appliances, they are best addressed among your spring plumbing updates so that the problem does not get any worse.

B. Plumbing Updates In Line With Regular Maintenance

1. Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can be very inconvenient. One of the best ways to prevent clogged drains from happening is by having your home’s drains undergo deep cleaning regularly. PlumbWize makes use of a state-of-the-art hydro-jetting machine to clean up all kinds of drains so that they can function more efficiently, prevent clog formation, and avoid sewer gnat infestation.   

2. Sump Pump and Water Heater Maintenance/Replacement

Just like all appliances, sump pumps and water heaters need regular maintenance, especially for older units. On average, sump pumps last around 10 years, gas water heaters last up to 12 years, and electric water heaters last up to 15 years. If your sump pump or water heater is approaching such ages, it could be time to include sump pump/water heater replacement in your spring plumbing update. 

An expert plumber from PlumbWize will also be able to help you find more efficient and more energy-saving newer models of sump pumps and water heaters to help you save in the long run. 

Plumber inspecting a water heater

Additional Plumbing Upgrades Ideal For Spring

Repairs and maintenance on plumbing systems are best handled early in the spring. However, for any additional plumbing upgrades, either spring or summer is an ideal season to have these done. Here are some plumbing upgrade ideas:

1. Insulating Pipes

Tired of freezing and bursting pipes in your home? One of the ways to prevent freezing pipes, on top of proper pipe winter care, is to have the pipes insulated. With pipe insulation, the pipes are able to better retain heat from your home’s hot water, thereby resisting outside cold temperature and subsequent pipe freezing. 

2. Upgrading Your Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you want to improve the form and/or function of your sinks, tubs, toilets, or showers, spring is a good time to get these fixtures replaced. During spring, products tend to be in full stock, thereby giving you the full array of options to choose from. 

3. Bathroom/Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom or kitchen remodels both involve intensive plumbing work. Spring or summer are ideal seasons for getting these done. By including this in your spring updates, you will be able to enjoy these major upgrades sooner. 

4. Completely Repiping A House

This is a concern for older properties or properties with Kitec plumbing. 

Typically, properties with plumbing systems that haven’t been repiped in 50 years are due for complete repiping. By doing so, this will eliminate common problems associated with older plumbing systems such as water pressure issues, leaky pipes, pipes making noises, and so on.

Meanwhile, Kitec plumbing is known to cause recurrent problems such as leaks, bursts, and pipe corrosion blocks. By replacing your Kitec pipes early during the spring, you will be able to save yourself from more serious plumbing problems later in the year and the water damage involved.  

Have Your Spring Plumbing Updates Done By Trusted Professional Plumbers 

PlumbWize is one of the most trusted providers of residential and commercial plumbing services in the areas of Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek. 

Through our years of service, we have dealt with virtually all kinds of plumbing issues. There is no plumbing issue that is too big or too small, too simple or too complex, for us to handle. 

Whether you’re looking to do spring plumbing updates/upgrades or you just need an annual inspection done on your pipes after last year’s winter, our expert plumbers are always ready to assist you. 

If you have any questions or would like to avail our services, feel free to give us a call!


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